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Windows 7 Offline Update Installer: what is it and how to fix the most common errors?

Often, many Windows users who have problems installing critical updates for the system or additional service packs seek help from Microsoft tools that allow you to install updates, so to speak, bypassing the built-in "Update Center" . In the case of the seventh modification of the OS, the most optimal tool is the so-called offline installer for Windows 7 updates

Windows Easy Transfer 10. Program to transfer files from PC to PC

Technological progress does not stand still. This is especially true for the development of computer technology, so most of us usually do not upgrade in the form of replacing the motherboard and processor, but prefer to simply buy a new PC or laptop that will be more powerful than the previous configuration. All this is good, but after all, on the new device, you will have to reinstall all those programs that were on the old PC or copy all user files to its hard drive

What is the Windows 7 Add Hardware Wizard, how do I launch it and use it to install drivers?

Apparently, any user of Windows systems got into situations when he needed to use special OS tools to recognize new devices connected to a computer or laptop for the first time. Accordingly, for the correct operation of any connected device, whether it is the most common flash drive or a mobile device, you need to install a driver. However, it is not necessary to perform such operations manually

How to disable application optimization when you turn on "Android": simple and radical methods

Agree that when you turn on a smartphone or tablet based on Android systems, after the main OS modules are loaded, as evidenced by the system startup message, an additional notification appears about the start of optimization of installed applets, many mobile phone owners technology, this causes some misunderstanding. It is especially worth considering that such optimization may apply not to one or two applets, but to several dozen

System Recovery Options: How do I use these options to restore Windows to working order?

The fact that almost all known modifications of Windows in a certain sense are extremely unstable in operation is known to everyone. The worst option is the impossibility of starting the system when a window with System Recovery Options appears on the screen, and the boot process at this moment freezes tightly, prompting the user to independently make some decision to restore the OS

How to make a bootable flash drive: step by step instructions

Removable USB-drives in the form of the most common flash drives are clearly replacing optical CD / DVD discs from the market. It is not surprising, because the latter are subject to too strong physical impact. Therefore, it is very often necessary to install or restore Windows operating systems from distributions recorded specifically on USB devices

How to change the interface language in Windows? Quick Guide

If you have a desire to change the pre-installed interface language of your operating system or you have installed Windows in a language that you are not used to, then this article will help you understand all the intricacies of installing new languages and switching between them

"Task Manager": what is it, why is it needed, and what are its main features?

Surely, anyone who works with Windows operating systems, at least once, but accessed a system service called "Task Manager". Most ordinary users use this applet only to terminate hung processes, completely unaware of its true purpose and capabilities

How to view hidden files on Windows and Mac

Instructions on how to view hidden files in different operating systems - Windows and Mac. Step-by-step instructions for opening and hiding such files

Bad block on device DeviceHarddisk0DR0: how to fix hard drive problems?

Do I need to say that quite often in Windows you can notice slowdowns and obvious problems with the appearance of failures, seemingly unrelated to any user actions? The most inquisitive minds do exactly the right thing, referring to the so-called error log, where they find an entry like "Bad Block on DeviceHarddisk0DR0". What is this symptom for the hard drive itself and how to fix such a problem, then we will try to figure it out

Limited connection in Windows 10: what is it, how to enable, configure and disable it?

In the tenth modification of Windows, there is a rather interesting possibility of using the so-called limited connection of Windows 10, which for some reason most users ignore, considering its activation absolutely unnecessary and not understanding what the advantage of setting restrictions may be. Let's try to figure out what it is, how to activate it and why it is sometimes advisable to use them

How to restore contacts on Android after deletion: methods and detailed instructions

Quite often you can find situations when the owner of a smartphone accidentally deleted contacts on Android, but does not know how to restore them or, even worse, has lost his phone and does not have physical access to it. About what can be done in such cases, further and try to figure it out

Synchronization "Android": the main directions of action and settings

The synchronization function in Android is an integral part of absolutely all mobile devices running the OS of this family. For a complete understanding of exactly how such actions are performed, it is necessary to clearly distinguish what exactly we mean by the term synchronization, since the actions performed for this, based on a specific situation, can vary quite significantly

How to change TTL on Windows 7 and above to bypass mobile operator restrictions on Internet sharing?

Ordinary computer users and owners of mobile equipment usually never think about how to change the TTL on Windows 7 or in systems of a higher rank, not to mention the fact that they do not even know what these parameters are. Questions begin only when you start distributing the Internet using the modem or Wi-Fi module built into the phone, connecting it to a computer terminal or laptop

How to move an Android app to an SD card: step by step instructions and recommendations

Due to the fact that the internal memory of mobile devices in terms of volume from different manufacturers of such equipment is often quite limited, when installing more and more applets, the space on the internal drive is catastrophically reduced. However, all Android systems support removable memory cards, so it is much more reasonable for users on Android to move the application to the SD card

How to install Java 32 bit for Windows 7 or similar systems: instructions and installation details

On Windows computers, such a platform is usually installed when the system itself is installed, but quite often it needs to be updated or reinstalled manually. Next, consider the process of installing Java 32 bit in Windows 7

How much "RAM" does Windows 7 32 bit see: what are the limitations and how to free up memory?

Users Windows 7 is still one of the most popular and in-demand operating systems around the world, even after Microsoft announced that it was no longer supporting it. However, very often the inconvenience of using it on home and office PCs is that the x86 bit system does not always correctly perceive the hardware upgrade in terms of increasing the RAM strips to improve performance. About how much "RAM" sees Windows 7 32 bit, then we'll talk in more detail

How to uninstall a program from drive C: the best ways

Installed computer programs need to be removed from time to time. But not everyone knows how to cope with this task. Especially when it comes to cleaning drive C. This article will talk about uninstalling applications and programs from the system partition of a PC hard drive

Error "Unable to update system reserved partition": what is this failure and how to fix it?

More and more users who previously used the seventh and eighth versions of Windows on their computers decide to upgrade to the tenth modification, but the existing system cannot be upgraded to Windows 10. Quite often, they are faced with a very unpleasant situation when the process either does not start at all, or at a certain stage of execution (for example, upon reaching 25%) an error is generated stating that it is impossible to start Windows 10 on this computer

How to disable automatic restart of Windows 10 when installing updates?

Let's see how to disable automatic restart in Windows 10 so that it does not start at the most inopportune moment for this. There are five ways to offer for use, among which, however, you will not find methods for completely deactivating the "Update Center" and all its related services, since at the moment such a function is completely blocked by the corporation

How to change user in Windows 10: a few common situations and solutions for each of them

Many people often get into trouble when they try to change user on Windows 10 or lower rank systems. This mainly applies to those cases when it is required to rename the user's registration data, and not log in under another registered account. Nevertheless, we will consider several general solutions for all possible situations, which will give an understanding of the procedures performed in full

How to remove the icon of an unnecessary object from the "Desktop"?

Many users very often place icons of programs and files for quick access directly on the "Desktop", and sometimes installed applications put their own shortcuts there. Let's talk about how to remove the icon of an unnecessary or unused applet (file, command, etc.) from the "Desktop". When performing the steps described below, you need to clearly understand that there are only two methods to get rid of unnecessary shortcuts: either hiding them (disabling) or deleting them

How to disable "Protect" in "Yandex Browser" on a computer?

Yandex introduced its own browser quite a long time ago. But the initial versions caused a storm of negative emotions from users. However, quite some time has passed. The browser has become better, new chips have appeared. And now they can already be used normally

How to speed up Windows 10 startup: methods and instructions

The Windows 10 operating system itself starts pretty quickly. But sometimes even she knows how to "slow down." And it's not even that something is wrong with the system itself. The operation of the OS also depends on the quantity and quality of applications installed in Windows. In any case, it will be useful for users to learn how to speed up the launch of Windows 10. After all, in parallel, you can improve the general condition of the operating system and the entire computer as a whole

Linux: how to kill a process using terminal commands

Imagine: you run a program, work with it, and after a while it stops responding and hangs. It is not possible to restart the application due to the fact that its instance is still hanging in the computer's memory. What to do in this case? First of all, you need to exit the program and remove the process from memory

Firefox Safe Startup Mode

Very often, users experience various problems on their computer due to viruses, heavy workload, program incompatibility, etc. In particular, the problem of launching a browser is common. But the developers have come up with a special mode that allows you to keep it working even in the most difficult conditions

How to see the temperature of the processor? Ways

Unfortunately, any technique tends to break down and fail. And computers are no exception, they contain a fairly large number of components. They may be damaged by heat. In the article we will learn how to view the temperature of the processor and video card

How to restore Windows 7 system: step by step description, features and recommendations

Among all the known modifications of Windows operating systems, it is absolutely impossible to find at least one that would not be prone to errors and software failures and would be a standard of stable operation. Alas, we have to admit the obvious fact that even without taking into account the impact of various kinds of viruses, all systems of this line tend to “crash” at the most inopportune moment, and they have to be restored

List of repositories for Ubuntu. How to add a repository in Ubuntu

Repositories - a list of programs to install. There are official (licensed by Canoninal) and unofficial - from developers who are not included in the official Linux repository. They provide easy search and fast software installation

AMD processors: rating, review of the best models, specifications and reviews

When assembling any computer, users have a question related to which processor is better to take from which manufacturer. If money allows, then you can buy Intel, but if you want to save money and not lose too much in performance (and even win in some ways), then you should pay attention to AMD processors. In today's review, we will look at some very interesting options for different occasions. Let's start

"Unable to complete printing. The print subsystem is unavailable" - what kind of error, how to fix it

Printers perform a very significant function when working with a PC, as they produce a lot of documents, reports, etc. How frustrating when instead of a printed sheet of paper from the printer on the desktop, an error pops up "unable to complete printing: the printing subsystem is not available"! What is it and how to deal with it?

Windows recovered from an unexpected shutdown - what to do, causes and solutions

If your computer has unexpectedly shut down and shows that a system restore is needed, then don't be alarmed. There are several ways to solve this problem, the main thing is to find the root. So how do you fix the Blue Screen of Death error? Everything is very simple, read the article

Operating systems: list, features, versions, reviews

What operating systems exist for computers and smartphones. List and characteristics, pros and cons, features of their use

How to update network drivers on Windows 7: description, installation, setup procedure

How to update network drivers on Windows 7 for free. Step by step instructions with a detailed description of each task. Downloading the latest version of the program. Installation from disk. Information extraction. Check for errors. Alternative option to update network drivers

Two ways to change folder view in Windows 7

Windows 7 has its own unique look, but it may not be to everyone's liking. Fortunately, the developers have made sure that everyone can change the individual design elements of the system for themselves. This article will show you how to change the appearance of folders in Windows 7. Two methods will be presented. At the end, instructions are provided on how to return everything to its original state in case of an unsuccessful change

Two ways to disable Internet Explorer in Windows 7

Most users of the Windows operating system consider the Internet Explorer browser far from the best of its kind. Moreover, it becomes completely faded against the background of competitors. In view of what users often have the question of how to disable Internet Explorer in Windows 7 and other versions of the system

How to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7: step by step instructions

Even in the eyes of the Microsoft executives themselves, Windows Vista was a failure. For this reason, almost immediately the development team set about creating the famous seventh version. This article is an instruction for switching to Windows 7. In it, you can familiarize yourself with all the steps for updating the computer's operating system

What is the taskbar for in Ubuntu?

It's no secret that comfortable work on the computer is almost impossible without such an element as the taskbar. In different operating systems, its appearance, functionality and customization options (personal settings) may vary. This article will focus on the taskbar in Ubuntu OS

Process Explorer as an alternative to Windows Task Manager

It's no secret that today you can find quite a lot of programs and applications developed as some kind of alternative to the "native" services and utilities of Windows operating systems. And one of them is Process Explorer. How to use this small but very effective utility will now be considered. At the same time, we will make some comparison with standard Windows tools

Windows 10: recovery, options, instructions and recommendations. How to repair Windows 10 bootloader

The initial version of the tenth, "beloved and adored" Windows OS in the form of a preliminary free Technical Preview release was not at all what was expected of it. It was only later that modifications like Pro, Home, Education, Enterprise and Ultimate came out

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