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How to remove applications from Windows startup?

The more programs you download to your PC, the longer the system starts to boot. In addition to brakes, various failures can also occur. Along with the software installation, we load and autoload. The list can become so long that the computer will turn on forever. To prevent this from happening, you will have to figure out how to remove applications from startup

How to remove an operating system from a computer: step by step instructions

When one of the existing operating systems (old or new) becomes unnecessary, many begin to wonder how to remove unnecessary operating systems from a computer without damaging the one that they want to keep working. Simply deleting files and directories in one of the partitions, alas, does not lead to anything good, and often can even provoke situations when the required system stops loading at all

Error starting application 0xc0000142. How to Fix a Crash: The Simplest Generic Methods

In all Windows systems, without exception, it is quite common to encounter an error when starting the application 0xc0000142. Not all ordinary users know how to fix this problem. Below are some simple and kind of universal methods that will get rid of this failure in a matter of minutes. But first, let's dwell on the reasons that can theoretically cause the appearance of such an unpleasant situation

How to install an SSD drive: step by step instructions for installation and setup

Solid State Drives (SSDs) have become a great alternative to traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) over the past few years as they provide much faster performance. Considered by many IT pros to be a benchmark in performance, they recommend it to anyone who wants to take their PC to the next level

Best CPU stress test program

After assembling the computer, it needs to be checked for the stability of the components. The latter is measured by various stress tests organized by special programs. They help to check all elements of the PC, including the processor, for resistance to loads

"What's this" went on the stack, "what's this" came back: the abstract foundation of reality

Perhaps, in some future, computing will forget about zeros and ones, and processors will operate not by bytes and words, but so far everything is represented by the binary world and lives by its rules. What is a stack and where it is applied, - most likely, it will become absolutely not clear. Even at the beginning of its appearance, the first processor had registers, and the logic of its work needed memory. As a result of the implementation of simple ideas, the “what is it” stack has become de facto “it should be”

Kruskal's algorithm - building an optimal framework

At the beginning of the 19th century, Jakob Steiner, a geometer from Berlin, set the task of connecting three villages in such a way that their length was the shortest. Subsequently, he generalized this problem: it is required to find such a point on the plane that the distance from it to n other points is the least

System programming is prestigious, but responsible

Programming is a mirror of intelligence, and system programming is the optimal combination of the capabilities of a machine and the human mind. Application programming has always been about a specific task in a specific application area. System programming has always been significantly distinguished by the freedom to choose the logic of the algorithm. There was prestige and responsibility, but only in recent years have they received an objective content

A class in programming. Types of classes in programming languages

A class in Java can be understood as a prototype that sets up variables and methods that are common to a certain type of instance. A class defines anything that characterizes and can create one or more types

Microprocessor architecture: concept, types, advantages and disadvantages

The architecture of a microprocessor chip is a description of the physical layout of various elements. It directly affects how information and electrical current flow through the chip. A microprocessor can have either a CISC architecture - a computer with a complex set of instructions, or a simpler RISC

JavaScript programming language: structure, features, learning

JavaScript is an interpreted programming language, a dialect of the ECMAScript standard. It is a variation between Java and HTML. Defined as an object-oriented, prototype-based, imperative, loosely typed, and dynamic language

Linux administration: specialist + company=server

Linux is a unique family of operating systems for reliable and secure operation. The idea, each member of the family is different in varying degrees, but the main idea of "working reliably, safely and stably" is impeccably observed. Installation and maintenance of Linux systems is available even to a beginner, but the acquired potential of knowledge, skills and experience makes the work of a system administrator much more efficient, and the work of the server is perfect

Comparison of programming languages in terms of speed

Programming languages are used by developers to write specific sets of instructions to microprocessors that perform specific tasks. There are many kinds of languages. The engine, created by computerization pioneer Charles Babbage, was the forerunner of modern personal computers, or rather PC logic. In order for the developer to correctly select instructions for writing a program, it will be necessary to perform a competent comparison of programming languages. This article is about it

Virtual LAN: what is it and why is it needed?

The VLAN feature is not often found in ISP equipment, however many solutions on the market configure networks to this standard through software, which brings great benefits in terms of security and efficient equipment management

Logic for uploading files to the server: PHP, JavaScript and AJAX

The web resource is located on the server and organizes the exchange of information. The logic and tools of this exchange are essential. Displaying the site page in the visitor's browser is the transfer of information, a link to a file is transferring it to the visitor, the upload form is transferring the file to the server. The implementation of these simple tasks in modern conditions requires a reasonable combination of logic and tools

Installation file: instructions for downloading and running

The installation file contains the program and can be executed or run on a computer. On the Windows operating system, they usually have a .bat, .com, or .exe extension. Users who receive an .exe file as an email attachment must be sure that the file comes from a trusted source and is not a computer virus

Java Pattern: description, features, examples

Design patterns are very popular among software developers because they represent a well-described solution to a typical problem. These are assistants that automate complex repetitive tasks and allow team members with different skill levels to complete them

End to end error: how to fix?

The SMART end to end error is part of the hard drive test technology at risk of failure. Statistically, SMART can predict more than half of disk failures, making this technology a reliable source of information about the current state, preventing device failure

Asynchronous programming: types, classification, programming principles, concept, meaning and application

Asynchronous programming allows you to achieve greater efficiency in software because it does not block the execution flow of long processes or user interactions. Many novice programmers find this process difficult to understand at first, especially if they are used to thinking imperatively and sequentially

How to make a newsletter in "Viber": detailed instructions and methods

From our article you will learn how to make a newsletter in Viber yourself and what to pay special attention to so that there are no unnecessary problems. We will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each method, as well as the feasibility of their application. So let's get started

Problems of linear programming problem statement: solution methods and formation

Linear programming (LP) - mathematical and static sections that allow researchers to establish optimal solutions. LP problems are different in that they are bounded and linear. The characteristics of the LP make it an extremely useful feature in many applications

Nginx Ubuntu: installation and configuration

Nginx Ubuntu is an open source web server with powerful load balancing, reverse proxy and caching features. It was originally developed to address scaling and concurrency failures on existing servers. Asynchronous event-based architecture has made it the most popular and efficient

Behavioral factor. Cheating behavioral factors

Behavioral factor is one of the key parameters that search engines use to rank websites. This causes the interest of webmasters in the promotion of a parameter that can bring the project to the top in a matter of days

Development and design of the site: the main stages

Website design: main stages, types of sites, development of design, interface, content filling, what kind of specialists are needed for development

Syntactic sugar: definition, origin and examples

In computer science, syntactic sugar is linguistics in a programming language. It is designed to make code lighter, more readable, and more expressive. This sugar makes the tongue "sweeter" for human use. That is, things can be expressed clearly, concisely, or in an alternative style that some may prefer

How to remove the banner from the computer?

Banners popping up when working with a computer cause some inconvenience to users. Sometimes the corresponding software turns out to be dangerous for the OS. This article will tell you how to remove banners

Using the C function fseek

The article describes what the fseek function is for. Its detailed description is given. The purpose of all passed parameters and the return value has been clarified. It is described what values the arguments passed to the function can take and what the returned parameters mean. Usage example with detailed description

RAID levels: classification, description and characteristics

The article explains what RAID technology is. RAID levels 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 01, 10, 1E are described in detail. It is told about the advantages and disadvantages of software and hardware implementation of arrays. There is also information about the features of the RAID implementation that you need to pay attention to when choosing the level you need

Scheduled computer shutdown. Several ways

Computer technology is rapidly developing. The number of consumers is growing and operating systems are being updated. And in the latter, new features appear, such as turning off the computer on a schedule. And we will talk about this in the article, find out what programs can help with this and why it is

Why the computer does not see the phone via USB, it only charges: reasons

Android mobile system users regularly connect their devices to computers. To do this, they use USB connections, which allows you to move some files from your smartphone to your computer or vice versa. Sometimes, for some reason, the connection fails. In the article we will find out why the computer does not see the phone via USB

BSoD 0x0000000A blue screen: how to fix the problem?

Blue screen at startup of Windows operating systems is a fairly common phenomenon. Now we will talk about BSoD error 0x0000000A and the like. As a rule, they all arise for similar reasons and are eliminated by similar methods. The following methods may apply depending on the situation

Connecting to peers: problems and solutions

Peers are called client machines involved in the process of downloading and distributing files when downloading from torrent trackers. Connection to peers is a method of connecting, as it were, to a mirror server, which at the moment is a user terminal on which some information is located. But sometimes the number of dispensers may decrease (for example, when the user uploaded the data and stopped the distribution)

List of HTML tags with description

List of basic HTML tags with description. Document structure, connection of third-party files, service meta tags. Page layout, semantic layout blocks. Title, link and media tags. Formatting text in HTML. Creating lists and tables

List of basic HTML tags

If you decide to build a website, you won't get far without html. Of course, there is also CSS, PHP and other scripting languages, without which a full-fledged website, as you are used to seeing it, will not work. However, it is the basic html tags that will allow you to lay the foundation for your site

Classification of programming languages by levels

Programming languages, their structure, types and systematics. Review of various classifications. Systematization of programming languages by abstraction level, execution model, typing and generation. Application areas of different types of languages

All ways how to merge arrays in php

In php, merging arrays is possible in several ways. Three functions are available for this: array_merge(), array_merge_recursive(), implode(). The first function and the second result in a new array, the last concatenates the elements into a string

Symmetric and asymmetric encryption: definition, application, examples

Encryption is designed to hide information from outsiders. There are two types: synchronous and asynchronous. In synchronous, the same key is used for encryption and decryption. Asynchronous uses two different keys

How to remove spaces from strings in PHP?

There are three ways to remove spaces in strings. The trim() function removes extra characters on the sides of a string: spaces, tabs, line breaks. The preg_replace() function removes characters anywhere in a string using regular expressions. str_replace() is a simplified version of preg_replace()


To create a database in SQL DBMS, the CREATE statement is used. Details are specified in the arguments, some of which are only available for use in recent versions of the language. Database names must be unique, they can only contain allowed characters

Python decorators - what is it?

Decorators in Python are a powerful tool for modifying existing classes and functions. They are needed when you need to add some methods to a function. In order not to create a new one, the current one is wrapped with a decorator

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