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What should I do if I can't download a file from the Internet? Causes of failures and methods for their correction

It happens that the user suddenly encounters the problem of the inability to download files from the World Wide Web. The automatic settings of the Boarding School seem to allow this to be done, but for some reason the process does not start. What can be the cause of such situations, and how to eliminate the occurrence of these problems, read on

How to manually remove a virus from a computer? How to find viruses in the computer manually?

So, today we will talk with you about how to remove a virus manually from your computer. In addition, let's see what Trojans can be found, how they manifest themselves and from where they can be brought onto a computer. Let's get started on our topic today

Which antivirus is better to install? Overview of the most popular programs

The problem of virus infection of Windows-based computers is as relevant today as ever. More and more new viruses are created at such a frantic pace that security software developers do not have time to track their spread. But in any case, the computer and user information must be protected. For this, special software products called antiviruses are used. But which antivirus is better?

How to switch to HTTPS: step by step guide. How HTTPS Works

Knowing how to migrate a site to HTTPS is important. People can exchange sensitive credit card information or login credentials for online stores or other payment systems, which is convenient. Without it, modern life seems already unthinkable. However, there is also a downside to technological progress. The owner of a website, online store that deals with financial or other personal data is responsible for their safety and is obliged to ensure security

How to completely remove CCleaner from your computer: the simplest methods

CCleaner, as you know, is one of the most powerful modern utilities that belong to the class of optimizers that allow you to speed up any operating system or clean your computer or mobile device from junk, duplicate files, etc. The capabilities of the application itself can be described for a long time, but it can be assumed that for some reason you do not want to use it. How do I completely remove CCleaner from my computer?

504 Gateway Time-out: what is this error and how to get rid of it?

Error 504 Gateway Time-out when trying to access a certain Internet resource is considered one of the most common. In this case, however, almost nothing depends on the user from whose computer the request is made to the page (it is possible that the browser version may need to be updated or even switched to another browser). But the owners of servers and sites located on certain hostings may encounter the problem of its appearance quite often

BattlEye Initialization Failed error: how to fix the failure with a few simple methods?

Fans of modern computer games running in the Steam environment, who use the BattlEye anti-cheat service, very often face the problem that the game does not start, and instead of starting it, the BattlEye Initialization Failed error is displayed. How to fix this situation, then we will figure it out. However, first of all, let's dwell on the exact reasons for this failure, and only after they are clarified, we will deal with the elimination of possible problems

How to block a computer from a child: methods and recommendations

Modern children are very inquisitive, and with the widespread introduction of computer technology and the Internet, they constantly strive to press something on the keyboard, surf the World Wide Web or play games. As you know, such accessibility of information technologies does not always have a beneficial effect on the younger generation, and often it can even cause an addiction comparable to a drug addiction. About how to block a computer from a child, then it is proposed to talk

How to remove Kaspersky Internet Security: the simplest methods for novice users

Have you ever de alt with removing antiviruses or replacing one security program with another? If yes, then you probably know that it is often very difficult to do this, and sometimes (without special knowledge) it is impossible at all. Next, let's look at how to uninstall Kaspersky Internet Security. This antivirus is taken solely as an example, since the main methods that will be presented below can be applied to other software products of this type

The site uses an unsupported protocol: how to fix

Agree that the situation when, when entering a page on a social network or portal of your favorite audio or video hosting, for some unknown reason, the browser suddenly displays a message stating that the site uses an unsupported protocol, although everything was fine up to a certain point, can put anyone in a stupor. Many users do not fully understand why such an unexpected failure occurred, and, alas, they do not know how to fix the situation

How to remove ads in the browser (virus): step by step instructions

Without the Internet, the life of a modern person is impossible to imagine. However, it is fraught with many dangers associated with the penetration of all kinds of virus applets onto user computers or mobile devices. Next, let's focus on the appearance of ads in the browser. Not everyone knows how to remove a virus of such an action, therefore, below is a brief practical guide, which in most cases will allow you to quickly and completely get rid of such threats

Kaspersky deleted files: how to recover information? The simplest methods

It's no secret that modern security programs in the form of standard or portable antiviruses quite often behave completely unpredictably (if not completely inadequate), often deleting files and folders that the user needs. And even the widely advertised and praised by many users "Kaspersky Anti-Virus" is no exception. Why this happens and what methods can be used to recover any lost data, then we will try to figure it out

The most dangerous computer virus in the world. Overview and description of computer viruses

Viruses from the very beginning of the creation and development of computer technology have become quite widespread. Some of them were and are completely harmless, the damage from impact on computer systems from others is estimated at billions of dollars. History knows many examples of the manifestation of viral activity, which led to real epidemics, infecting user PCs and performing their destructive functions

AC classification. Ensuring information security of automated systems

The division of automated systems into certain classes according to the conditions of their work from the position of information protection is required to develop and use certain measures to achieve the desired level of information protection. The action applies to all applied and created systems of companies and organizations involved in the processing of confidential information. How to choose a method and remedy for protection?

Levels of information protection: concept, basic principles, risk analysis and their elimination

What is information and how is it defined? What is the meaning of this concept? What is an information security policy? Let's look at this, as well as what levels of information protection exist today

What is a winlocker and how to identify it

One of the most familiar viruses for ordinary users is Winlocker. Its feature is focus on the Windows operating system. When infected, a large window or banner will hang on the computer screen, the content of which may vary, but the essence is reduced to one thing - to receive money from the user. What is a winlocker and what to do in case of a collision with it will be discussed in this article

What is a backdoor and what is its effect on the computer

In the modern Internet there is a huge number of viruses and threats that an unprepared user may encounter. An example of this is also a backdoor. This is a fairly common malware that allows an attacker to take control of a system by gaining access to it. What is a backdoor and how to detect it will be discussed below

How to change mail in Apple ID: tips and tricks

Apple ID - an account for working with applications and device settings from Apple. It is linked to email. Is it possible to change the e-mail? And if so, how to do it? This article will provide information on changing mail in Apple ID

Free computer virus protection for Windows 7: an overview of the best programs

We bring to your attention a review of the best free antiviruses for Windows 7, which includes the most popular and effective utilities. All of them are distinguished by stable work on this platform and a large number of positive reviews from users

Computer systems security classes. International Standard ISO/IEC 15408

Modern computer systems are equipped with certain ways to protect information from outsiders and intruders. Without it, it is impossible to imagine any program or a whole complex of information technologies. Security grades are essential for computer systems as more personal data and intellectual property find their way onto the web, and the degree to which it is protected directly impacts people's lives. In this regard, it is necessary to consider the existing types of information protection

The concept, goals and objectives of information security

The Internet today is a huge storehouse of information, useful and not so much. Many users have no idea how many threats lurk on the World Wide Web, both for their data and for their computers. In principle, the tasks of information security are aimed at this: so that users can work calmly and gain access to information without fear for its safety

An information security system is a set of organizational and technical measures aimed at ensuring information security

An information security system is a set of organizational and technical measures designed to ensure the information security of a company. The main object of protection is the data processed by the automated control system and involved in the execution of business processes

How to use the Metasploit Framework: features, instructions for use

The open source Metasploit Framework has tens of thousands of users and thousands of updates and extensions every year. The use of Msf ranges from protecting systems from intrusion to examining vulnerabilities that pose a real threat

Computer viruses and the fight against them

How many known virus threats do you think there are in the world today? It is impossible even approximately to answer this question, because since their appearance, more and more types of dangerous software appear too quickly, and even many organizations professionally dealing with this problem and developers of various protective tools simply do not have time to respond to their distribution. So to speak, today viruses are growing like mushrooms after rain

Polymorphic viruses - what is it and how to deal with them?

We've all heard about the dangers of malware, especially online. Special protection programs against various threats cost a lot of money, but is there any point in these expenses? Consider the most common types of infection of information carriers, especially the most dangerous of them - polymorphic viruses

How to password-protect a computer? How to change the password?

If many people have access to your computer, you risk losing important data. An excellent solution to this issue can be a password to enter the computer

How to come up with a strong password? Tips & Tricks

Protecting your own data on the Internet is a huge problem for users. How to come up with a good and strong password for a profile on the Web? The best tips and tricks are presented in this article

How to set a password on a computer: instructions and recommendations

Computer security issues for every user of a modern PC, laptop or mobile device have recently become more and more relevant. And this is due not even so much to viruses as to preventing other users or children registered on the computer from entering the system

How to check your computer for viruses: ways

Since the advent of Windows operating systems, their users have been haunted by viruses of all stripes, which can often steal personal data and disable the entire computer system. Thus, security issues, especially with the current almost uncontrolled access to the Internet, should be a priority for any user. About how to check your computer for viruses, then it is proposed to talk

How to put a password on a computer: a few simple solutions

Security issues for user computers do not always mean only the protection of information stored on them. Quite often they are associated with blocking access to the terminals themselves, the operating system or some of its features. About how to put a password on a Windows computer "on board", then it is proposed to talk

Antivirus for Linux: overview, features

Antiviruses for Linux are needed, because there is always a risk of downloading malicious software. There are many programs for finding and removing viruses. You can work with them both from the command line and through the graphical interface

What is a firewall and how to use it?

Firewall (firewall or firewall) prevents unauthorized access and blocks various threats. Filtering of incoming network traffic is used; for this, appropriate rules are written in the settings. There are hardware and software solutions

Should I turn off my computer during a thunderstorm and why?

Often, such situations are typical for Internet networks in residential areas, since they are often not designed in any way and can be laid anywhere. In this connection, they are more vulnerable (there are cases of laying Internet cables around a lightning rod). At best, network cards, routers, switches and other network devices will suffer. In the case of an extremely powerful charge, the entire computer with the hard drive and monitor can burn

International and national information security standards, technologies

The unique capabilities of the Internet are known to almost everyone, but it has not only a positive impact, but also a serious problem for cybersecurity. Information security standards include the regulated views of many stakeholders, solving global problems of countering international and national database threats in order to provide maximum comfort and protection on the World Wide Web

Rtl120.bpl - what is it? Bug fix

In the article below, we will look into a common library error, tell the reader about rtl120.bpl - what it is, why the file is important for many applications, and so on. We will also present several ways to eliminate the error and establish the causes

Cloud antivirus: review of the best free antiviruses

Recently, programs to protect your computer from viruses do not show their best side. The problem is that many files, even licensed ones, do not pass the test only because of this program. At the same time, among them there are quite decent specimens. Further in the article, ten of the most worthy cloud antiviruses will be considered

How to disable SELinux in practice

In some cases there is no need for any protection. Malicious attacks can “count” on their way to SELinux and, as a result of deliberate actions, penetrate the security loop into the system. Sometimes it is necessary to disable SELinux because it is not supported by the programs that you need to work with

How antivirus works and what software to prefer

The information security of any computer or mobile system cannot be imagined without the use of special protective software products called antiviruses. A lot of such software has been developed today, and users often face a difficult choice in favor of a particular application that could provide full protection

Information security is Description, objects, security measures

Modern man quite simply relates to spending time on the World Wide Web, forgetting that this is not just entertainment, but sometimes a dangerous game with viruses and hackers. Information security is the effective methods used to protect data and information systems. Today, industries such as he althcare, finance, manufacturing and retail employ security professionals to protect valuable information from hackers. But is it really that effective?

How to disable Norton antivirus on a computer

Norton Antivirus is designed to keep your computer safe, but it can often interfere with the installation of any program or application. To continue installing the software you need, you just need to pause the protection. Let's figure out how to disable Norton antivirus. It can also help in cases where it was installed by accident

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  • Instructions on how to password-protect "wi-fi"
    Instructions on how to password-protect "wi-fi"

    More and more wireless networks appear in homes and businesses every day. And this is not surprising. After all, you can connect to such a network from anywhere where the radio signal of the router reaches, and there is also no need to be tied to the place where the cable is connected. And this is not to mention how much money is required to purchase this very cable, as well as the hassle to hide it or at least lay it more or less aesthetically

  • How can I unprotect a PDF file? How does PDF copy protection work?
    How can I unprotect a PDF file? How does PDF copy protection work?

    We all use PDF documents quite often. This is due to its functionality and convenience. However, each of us may encounter the need to remove protection from a PDF file. This may be necessary for various reasons, for example, in order to print the text, edit the file, open it in a non-standard way through Photoshop, convert from this format to another so that the file can be read by another device, and so on

  • Types of anti-virus programs. Viruses and anti-virus programs
    Types of anti-virus programs. Viruses and anti-virus programs

    Every day, computers and laptops are exposed to all sorts of malicious software attacks. A lot has already been said about this, as well as about ways to deal with this problem. However, such questions are received every day, and their number not only does not decrease, but rather increases

  • UAC: disable or pardon
    UAC: disable or pardon

    In 2006, already distant from us, the world computer community was excited by the release of Windows Vista. An incredible flurry of negativity immediately hit the new system, for which there were still reasons. One of them was the UAC option, which almost all the "experts" of those times advised to disable. How justified is such a statement?

  • Nvidia GT 440: description and reviews
    Nvidia GT 440: description and reviews

    Today, when the economic situation in the country and the world is far from perfect, many computer users faced a difficult dilemma: which video card to choose? I would like the device to allow you to play at least some games, but at the same time not cost prohibitive money. In this case, the Nvidia GT 440 may be the ideal solution