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How to close all windows on your computer: tips and tricks

Window is the main element displayed on the desktop screen. All applications and programs open in them. This article will show you how to close or minimize all windows on your computer. What will be required for this?

How to add objects ignored for checking and/or blocking to Eset exclusions?

Modern anti-virus packages installed by users on Windows systems very often behave quite unpredictably, recognizing some files, folders or Internet pages as potentially dangerous. Some programs may be identified as unwanted software. Of course, this does not apply to absolutely all antiviruses, since most often problems are observed only with Avast packages. But popular protection products from Eset can also sometimes require manual intervention

Programs for checking the flash drive for performance: the main varieties

All kinds of removable drives in the form of the most common flash drives and memory cards have recently become more and more popular, due to their compact design and very impressive capacity (just the other day the world's first terabyte drive was announced). However, they often need to be checked for operability, at least to prevent the occurrence of failures, tested for compliance with the characteristics declared by the manufacturer, or even restored after errors

How to Minimize a Window: Tips and Tricks

When working with the operating system, various windows are opened to the user. Sometimes they accumulate on the desktop so much that it's time to think about folding them. This article will show you how to minimize windows in Windows

Programs for optimizing RAM: Windows tools and two types of third-party utilities

Most users know what an important role RAM plays in the entire computer system, because it is it that is partially responsible for the speed of the software environment, and the lack of its free volume due to overload or excessive use by useless services and processes often has a very negative effect on the entire the system as a whole. It is clear that it needs to be somehow released and unloaded from it unused components. But how?

Guitar Rig 5 setup: important nuances

Most computer musicians using virtual recording studios and sequencers, not to mention professional guitarists, very often face the fact that they need to process a clean guitar sound by adding all sorts of effects. Modern guitar processors of the highest quality and the most famous brands are very expensive, and not everyone can afford such a purchase

DNS server device or resource not responding: several ways to solve the problem

Internet connection error, when the system reports that the DNS server is not responding, the device or resource is not available, there is no connection, etc., is a real scourge of Windows, regardless of the installed version. This may be due to both objective, independent of the user, and subjective reasons, when the user specifically or unintentionally changed some important connection parameters or turned off the services responsible for accessing the Internet

The Tor browser does not start: the nuances of installation, use and troubleshooting

Means of ensuring the security and anonymity of users when working on the Internet have recently gained unprecedented popularity and relevance, since solving the problems of protecting surfing or gaining access to resources blocked at the state level is becoming a priority for any user. All sorts of tools are developed specifically for this, such as VPN clients or anonymous proxy servers are used

The best hard drive scanning programs: overview, description and installation

How to avoid data loss? What is SMART technology, its main characteristics, what they mean and how to use them. Description of the best programs for testing hard drives, their features, capabilities, installation, positive and negative qualities

How to add percentages to a number in Excel: calculation secrets

It's hard to find a better "helper" for calculating interest than Excel. It facilitates the calculation of any arrays of digital information. Before introducing formulas, you should familiarize yourself with some features of the calculations. This concerns the format of cells, the correct introduction of indicators

Image recognition: an overview of the best programs

What are image recognition programs used for? What are the types of software. A detailed overview of the most common utilities. The main features of the programs and their application. Text and image processing software

How to open "Re altek" on "Windows 10" if it is not in the watch panel?

Describes solutions to a common error related to the absence of an audio device icon in the panel on the main screen. The main errors that may occur due to this action. Procedure for correcting the problem

Which is better: VirtualBox or VMWare. Description, comparison and features

Detailed software review and comparison. What are the similarities and differences between the programs. What audience is the software suitable for? What to look for when choosing a version of the program. How effective is each program in use

How to activate full screen mode in the browser?

Full screen mode in a web browser is an option that can be extremely useful. But not everyone knows how to use it. This article will talk about activating full screen mode in browsers

How to restore bookmarks in Google Chrome: tips and tricks

Google Chrome is a popular browser. Many users use it. This article will tell you everything about how to restore bookmarks in this Internet browser

How to download entire folders or individual files from Google Drive: a few simple ways

Today, cloud storage services are becoming increasingly popular, which are nothing more than hard drives on remote servers of companies providing such services, with a certain amount of space allocated to each registered user to upload their own files or folders to it for later stored and downloaded back to your own computer when required. One of the most popular is such a service from Google Corporation

VPN status error in Hamachi: quick fixes

A small but powerful program "Hamachi" is a tool for quickly creating virtual networks, working on the principle of a kind of emulator that allows you to combine computers that are connected to the Internet into a local network system. But it can also fail quite often

How to create an M3U playlist for music, video and TV channels?

Organizing playlists of various formats and containing completely different objects that will be played using software players, home players or Smart TV panels is a very convenient form of managing your own multimedia collections or even favorite TV channels when it comes to watching IPTV through online broadcasts. In addition, you can even create your own playlists on some social networks or on the same popular YouTube

Setting up VLC to watch IPTV on Windows and Adnroid

IPTV is already irrevocably gaining popularity among computer and mobile users around the world. On your own device, having just the right program and an Internet connection, you can watch any channels even without the obligatory presence of all kinds of set-top boxes, pay cable TV or satellite antennas. One of the most successful, as it is considered, means for such purposes is the famous VLC player

S/PDIF digital audio, no sound: causes, troubleshooting

The problem of no sound when using S/PDIF digital audio has been known for a long time. At the same time, probably, many users who encountered it noticed that quite often the operating system seemed to respond to playback. At least in the sound settings or in the mixer you can see the change in signal level, but nothing is heard from the connected speakers. Let's try to figure out what is the cause of what is happening and how to fix the problem

How to set up the equalizer on Windows 7 and above: the nuances of choosing options and software

At the present stage of development of audio equipment, computer and mobile devices that can be used to listen to music, it is impossible to imagine that at least one of the users or avid music lovers would not use the equalizer. Naturally, if we are talking about playing music tracks on a computer, users immediately start looking for the appropriate settings and … do not find them (and if they do, they don’t know what to do)

SPTD driver: what is it and how to remove it?

Probably, it is not necessary to say that in everyday work, many users very often have to use programs or built-in tools of Windows systems that allow them to work with virtual disk drives and drives of any other type. Particularly popular are applications like Alcohol 120% and DAEMON Tools. But in the process of their installation, an incomprehensible additional SPTD driver is usually integrated into the system

How to view a hard drive in BIOS on a computer: verification instructions

Many users know almost nothing about how to view a hard drive in BIOS, believing that the default settings of the primary system should never be changed. But sometimes you can meet quite specific situations when you absolutely need to determine the model of your own hard drive, install the operating system, use the disk status check tools, or set some specific options when connecting a new HDD

How to connect "Yandex.Disk" as a network in stationary Windows systems and Android mobile OS?

As you know, today all sorts of remote data storage services in the form of popular cloud storages are extremely widespread. All of them are special server resources on which users are allocated a certain amount of disk space to upload their own files and folders there or download files from them to the hard drives of their own computer, laptop or mobile device

How to fix an error when working with a shortcut: the most common situations and solutions

Shortcuts in any operating system have to use all the time. This is no secret to anyone. However, novice users, performing some actions, sometimes make mistakes when working with a shortcut. How to fix several typical situations, then we will try to figure it out. You should immediately pay attention to the fact that even when deleting shortcuts with the system or applications for which they were created, nothing catastrophic will happen, since they only serve as a pointer

Volume booster for Windows 7 and other operating systems: what to choose?

When using a computer as a device for listening to music or watching movies, many users often encounter the fact that none of the known Windows operating systems is able to provide the highest quality sound in such a way that you can increase the volume without distortion

"Windows has protected your computer": how to disable this message? The simplest methods

Probably, many of those users who work with the eighth or tenth modifications of Windows, when launching some applications (most often the installation files of various programs), instead of starting the desired applet, received a message stating that, they say, the Windows system protected your computer. Not everyone knows how to disable its appearance, not to mention why it appears and which service is responsible for this

How to completely remove TeamViewer from your computer: basic methods

The program for remote access to the TeamViewer computer belongs to the type of software products that are installed and configured very simply, but many users often have problems with uninstallation. Nevertheless, having figured out how to completely remove TeamViewer from a computer, the average user can be offered two main options (at least). Next, we will dwell on each method in more detail

How to take a screenshot of the screen: step by step description and features

Quite often there are situations when you need to take a screenshot of the screen of a Windows computer or mobile device. Why this is needed will be discussed separately. For now, let's focus on a few classic methods that in a matter of seconds allow us to solve the question of how to take a screenshot of the screen on Windows or in a mobile operating system. But first, some theoretical information that will be useful to any user, regardless of the level of his training

How do I open a PDF file on my computer?

Today, in virtually all areas, there are files with the PDF extension. Documents, instructions, books, manuals, manuals - this is just a small list of documents where this format is used. And of course, most PC users have a reasonable question - how to open a PDF file on a computer

How to format a hard drive: all the ways

Questions related to how to format a hard drive are of concern to almost all users, since this process is one of the fundamental ones in working with both hard drives and removable storage media. In some situations, the use of only this toolkit allows you to get rid of seemingly absolutely unrecoverable problems. There are several formatting methods. Further, all of them will be considered

How to use a torrent: a guide for beginners

Today, downloading content of any type from the Internet using torrents is more popular than ever. Most users prefer this type of download due to the very fast download of content, the speed of which exceeds that available in downloader applications (Downloaders) at times. But in order for the information to download quickly and without problems, you need to know how to use the torrent correctly

How DNS works: structure and systematics, how it works and troubleshooting

DNS provides a mapping between human-readable names and their corresponding IP addresses. Its actions can be compared to a phone book, where the user looks up numbers that are easier to remember. DNS falls under an application layer protocol. Although many people think that DNS stands for "Domain Name Server", it actually stands for "Domain Name System"

How to turn off Windows 10 tablet mode. All methods

Windows 10 operating system is a universal operating system that has a bunch of built-in options. And many users do not even know about them. And when they accidentally turn on a feature (for example, using hotkeys), they don't know how to turn it off. Now we will talk about how to disable tablet mode in Windows 10. And along the way, we will explain what kind of mode it is and what it is for

UTorrent or BitTorrent - which is better? Customer Comparison

Almost all users cannot imagine life without torrent trackers. However, it is known that special client programs are needed to download from these resources. Downloading content simply using a browser will not work. At the moment, there are two most popular programs for this: uTorrent and BitTorrent. To this day, disputes between users do not subside about which program is better: uTorrent or BitTorrent

Where are the extensions in the Yandex browser. How to find and enable them?

At the moment there are three most popular web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. But at the same time, Yandex Browser is actively gaining popularity. It was developed on the basis of the Chromium engine by domestic developers and contains integrated services from the Yandex company. Perhaps that is why he is so popular. However, its interface is slightly different from what is used in other web browsers

OCR programs: text recognition, lists, developers, weight of the program, functions performed, characteristics, features and user reviews

Paper as the main carrier of information is gradually losing its importance. Instead of paper documents, use their electronic version, if possible. But how to convert existing archives into electronic form? To solve this problem, special applications for text recognition have been created

Optical character recognition (OCR). Programs for optical character recognition: ABBYY FineReader, CuneiForm

OCR processes the digital image by detecting and recognizing characters such as letters, numbers and signs. Some OCR programs simply export it, while others can convert characters into editable text right on a picture or photo. Modern OCR software can export the size, format, and layout of the document found on the page

Hard drive periodically disappears: what to do, how to fix

As you know, the hard drive in any computer is one of the most important components. But sometimes it can cause a lot of problems. One of the most common is the situation when the hard drive disappears, and it becomes impossible to work or even load the operating system with the programs installed in it. What is the reason for this phenomenon and how to eliminate possible malfunctions, then it is proposed to understand

What to do if the computer slows down?

The situation when the computer mercilessly slows down and crashes is unfamiliar except perhaps to those who did not catch the glorious times of the formation of the computer industry. Remember how computer resources were valued in the days of Windows 98? Then even 64 MB of RAM was considered a luxury. In a word, then no one thought about why the computer slows down. Today everything is different. The article gives advice on what to do if the computer slows down

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